Want to learn more about why it's easier to get to know some people better than others? Wondering why you have friends who are never late, and others who are last-minute arrivals? Why some people can make decisions so easily and others can't?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI®) is a time-tested assessment developed to help people identify and understand their normal, natural preferences of behavior and how to better work and interact with others. You'll better understand your own preferences for how you take in information, make decisions, and approach the world around you.

The MBTI is one of my favorite assessment tools! You'll gain not only insight as to why some careers are more interesting than others and how to best utilize your skills in your current role, but also gain a better understanding of all the people in your life - significant others, family, friends.

I conduct individual assessments and group workshops. Looking for a fun and useful activity for your organization or group of friends? Ask me about my group workshops.