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So You Don’t Have to Move Home with Your Parents (at least for very long!)

Once upon a time…. I was a soon-to-be college graduate just like you.  I had a degree in business (my Dad was a banker and said I should have a business degree, and since he was paying most of my tuition, who was I to disagree?). On campus, I’d worked as a tour guide and at the student-run credit union. I had summer jobs making pizza, working at a local college, and an internship at a consulting company in Boston (thanks to some great networking connections – more on that later!).

As graduation approached, I really had NO IDEA what I wanted to do. I was scared. I was overwhelmed, I was frustrated there was no easy-to-follow process.

I didn’t want to move back home (at least for very long).  I wanted to do something that was important, something that made a difference, and I also wanted to make enough money to buy a car, do things with my friends, travel, not be a student anymore.

I thought I was the ONLY ONE who didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduation, or how to get there!  I had friends who were accountants and engineers. Some were going on to graduate school.  Everyone seemed to have a good plan but me.

Sound familiar?

I landed an entry-level HR job at a technology company through my campus career center just a few days before graduation.  I realized that LOTS of people were struggling with what they wanted to do at graduation.  I wasn’t alone, and neither are you!

After several job and industry changes from corporate college recruiting to university career services, I’ve guided 1000s of students and recent college grads to their first professional job. 

And now it’s your turn!

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I’m so excited to help you land your first professional job!  I know that with the information I share in this program and your unique skills, interests, and values, you will find a job!  This is your time.  Let’s get started!


Questions?  Feel free to send me email at kim@kbcareercoach.com anytime.