Looking to Land Your First Professional Job?

My clients are new and recent college grads who were so busy enjoying their college experience that they didn't spend much time looking for a job, but now that they've graduated they need to figure out what to do next.

My clients are young professionals who have done all the "right" things, but are stuck in a job they don't love to go to but aren't sure what they'd really like to be doing. 

Does this sound like you?

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Land a Job Lab

Are you a NEW or RECENT COLLEGE GRAD? Not sure what you want to do with your degree? Or, do you have an ideal job target but not sure how to get there, or your strategy has been unsuccessful so far?

This self-paced program enables soon-to-be and recent college graduates to move from college student to happily employed young professional through a step-by-step easy-to-implement process for building confidence by creating an amazing resume and LinkedIn profile, growing and nurturing your professional network, identifying and interviewing with your dream companies, and ultimately landing an enviable professional job (so you don’t have to live at home with your parents anymore, or at least for very long!).

10 Tips to Land a Job

Landing a job is more than just submitting your resume online. I’ve created this list to make sure you’re preparing for each part of the job search process. Use this list to help you see what you can do today, so you’re ready to land your dream job.