About Kim

I studied business as an undergrad because my dad was a banker, and he said I should go to business school. It seemed like a good plan until I took my first accounting and finance classes! So I started taking management and psychology courses, which were far more interesting to me. Upon graduation, I took a job with a high-tech company in HR, managed their college relations program, and completed my MBA (thanks Teradyne!). After 5 years, I moved to a financial services company to do a similar role in a very different cultural workplace. Good-bye jeans, hello business suits!

I took a career development course as part of my MBA program that changed my life. After a semester of intensive self-reflection, I decided it was time for me to try something new. After a series of informational interviews (much more labor intensive before the advent of sites like LinkedIn and Facebook!), I decided to transfer my coaching and counseling skills as an HR professional to working with students in higher education. I developed college relations strategies for a couple of high-tech companies, and ultimately, returned to school to get a counseling degree and work in university career services offices. Ahhh, happy to have finally found a role and culture that felt "right"! After several years counseling students, creating and delivering workshops, coordinating career fairs, I've transitioned, yet again, to running my own career coaching business. I love the flexibility I have to manage my business and be a mom to my 2 school-aged children.

I'm passionate about helping you find a career that feels "right" for you!