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Life is SO busy and moves SO quickly!

Take a deep full breath in... and slow complete exhale

You spend your days juggling your job and commute, managing a home, personal relationships and/or kids, and maybe have time to squeeze in a workout, yoga class, or time to hang out with friends and just relax. So much to fit in and only so much time to do it!

What if slowing down actually gave you more space to get ahead and complete everything with calm and ease? Imagine feeling like you were in control of all those moving parts, and not that they were controlling you.

My Slow Down to Get Ahead program will help you

Slow Down

Understand why slowing down is essential for surviving and thriving, physically and mentally


Gain clarity

• Gain clarity on where your life is in/out of balance and approaches for bringing into alignment with your skills and values


Create a personalized plan

Create a personalized plan of how to be more productive, creative and mindful in your every-day life


Learn simple strategies

Learn simple strategies to slow down and reset that can be done anywhere, anytime so you'll actually use them


Take away techniques

Take away techniques to use in your daily life that will help you stay calm, focused and stress-free improving your relationships, allowing you to accomplish more at work, and adding years to your life-span


Have some fun

And of course, we’ll have some fun with some simple meditation, guided visualization, and gratitude practices


Are you ready to slow down?

Kim has a very calming energy. She also breaks down stressful things like resume building and informational interviews into bite size, manageable steps. She made the whole process seem easy instead of overwhelming.

UMass Amherst, 2018